Paladino Chimney Sweeps

"We'll even dance on your roof!"

Back in the early 80s, Steven Paladino started Paladino Chimney Sweeps with the customer in mind. Since then we have been a family owned and operated business, servicing the Central Arkansas area.

About Paladino Chimney Sweeps Steve Paladino c.1980s
About Paladino Chimney Sweeps Jason Paladino - Age 4

My name is Steven A. Paladino. I was born to Joseph and Geneva Paladino on December 15,1954, in Little Rock,Ar.

I am the original owner and operator of Paladino Chimney Sweep ( P.C.S. ), which was created and opened for business on April 1, 1980 in Muskogee,Ok.

Born and raised in central Arkansas, I married Cheryl Smith from Muskogee on June 3, 1978, and was living there with our first child Jason. I worked for her parents at a small milk distributorship. I was the load out man.

It was during the fall of 1979, while looking for something different to do, anything that would get me off that load out dock, that I stumbled upon an article in the magazine "Mother Earth News". It was filled with stories of self sustaining ideas, geared towards motivated, self reliant people looking for independence. What is now famously known as the article that launched "a thousand sweeps", was a headline that read : CHIMNEY SWEEPS ARE CLEANING UP $$$...

And with that, a seed was planted which would eventually blossom into a 30 year career of living out the American dream.

I not only would help contribute to society by helping to save lives and property through fire prevention, but also provide a decent living for my family at the same time.

In 1979, The National Chimney Sweep Guild ( N.C.S.G. ) had yet to infiltrate the southern and mid-western states ; nor was there a Chimney Safety Institute of America ( C.S.I.A. ) to provide formal teaching and education about the wood heat industry. I found a chimney sweep in Tulsa,Ok. and asked if he would train me. He charged me $100, sent me out with his one employee, and let me watch him clean 3 chimneys. He gave me an old paper back book on fireplaces and woodstoves, and magically declared me a bonified chimney sweep. What I lacked in education, I made up for in zeal and confidence. A few months later, his lone employee, Eric Van Nelson, called and said he was moving and wanted to sell his van and cleaning equipment for $1500. I went to the bank, got a loan, and bought it. I was the proud owner of my own business. The date was April 1st,1980.

Shortly thereafter, I quit my job at the milk plant, and in my first week in business I made a profit of $35. The second week, I made $75. Discouraged at first, I hung in there abiding by the words "despise not small beginnings", and words of wisdom from a dear friend who said : "You can't go broke if you make a profit, no matter how small" !! Nevertheless, I had to eat crow and return to my old job back "on the dock", in order to supplement my income and care for my family. I vowed that the next time I left, it would be for good. The following year, in the summer of 1981 I packed up my family and moved back to Arkansas, settling in Center Ridge, the home of my Italian family heritage.

Paladino Chimney Sweep was the first full time chimney sweep company in the state of Arkansas. Soon afterwards I joined the National Chimney Sweep Guild. In the spring of 1984, I was among the first charter members and elected to the first board of the newly created Arkansas Chimney Sweep Guild. Those initial members also became the first "certified chimney sweeps" in Arkansas, through the Chimney Safety Institute of America ( C.S.I.A. )

As the business grew and prospered, my two sons Jason and Tony joined the company, after they graduated from High School. Jason, the oldest, is now President, and is keeping alive the family tradition of serving thousands of central Arkansas customers with integrity, unparalleled workmanship, honesty and sincere concern for the safety of the families we serve.

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